Operation Farm Dog is a joint mission between the Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC) and Red Hive Golden Retrievers. Our objective is to provide selected veteran members of the FVC with an exceptional companion to perform important support functions on the farm.

The roles of a great farm dog are as diverse as the farming operations and families to which they belong. Among other things, in the line of duty these loyal companions may be called upon to: guard livestock, ride in the pick-up truck, lick a sweaty face or hand, love unconditionally, bark at (or chase away) unwanted intruders, share an ice cream cone, or entertain children of all ages. A puppy who has known nothing but love and care is a perfect “buddy” for those who have served in the military through difficult situations; for those who still serve by working to provide food security for our nation.

These are great puppies; the best the breeds have to offer. AKC registered with fantastic genetics, health checked, and backed by responsible breeders who are grateful for the service and sacrifice made by our Veterans and their families.