Red Hive Golden Retrievers

Red Hive Golden Retrievers desire to breed exceptional Golden Retrievers with the best genetics, excellent health, and loving personalities.  It is important to us that your new puppy remains a happy healthy part of your family for years to come.  They take care to evaluate our “Mom and Dad” dogs for any traits that could lead to issues later in life, and do everything possible to assure you that your new companion will become the “Best Family Dog” in the world. The very light colored Goldens are spectacular, and we have chosen to raise “European” style  “English Cream” Golden Retrievers exclusively.

Operation Farm Dog
Every farm needs a Great Farm Dog! Red Hive goal is to provide as many of our Veteran Farmers as possible with exceptional Golden Retrievers.  Puppies whose love and devotion to them, and their families, will reflect the love and devotion with which they have served our country. This program is being piloted with the Michigan chapter of the Farmer Veteran Coaltion and would love to see it grow nationally to 100 puppies placed with 100 Veteran Farmer Families each year.  RedHive Farm LLC is a small operation, and we can’t do this on our own, so we will be calling on AKC registered Sporting and Working Class Dog Breeders around the country to help by donating as many exceptional puppies as they can to this remarkable cause.